The mechanics of curiosity

Roadbook magazine was launched in Belgium in 2005. Its unique formats, the wonderful stories recounted and the daring choice of photographs have offered it a very special place in the hearts of those who love all things mechanical. So much so that a few years later a Swiss edition was introduced.

After a ten year presence in Switzerland, Roadbook is reaffirming its commitment to its Swiss readers by offering them two national versions of its magazine. The first is a quarterly paper version, with each publication in two prints: French/English and German/English. In addition to the automobile section, a lot of space is devoted to other mechanical passions such as watchmak-ing, motorcycles and aviation. The lifestyle section also covers events, gastronomy and tourism. In addition to these four issues every year, a number of special issues regularly explore specific themes in greater depth. The second is a digital version that showcases this website, Road-BookSwiss.ch. It is a platform with a specific editorial line, which has a regular presence on social networks and a quality newsletter.

These two versions - paper and digital - are governed by the same desire, a vision summed up by the motto "The Mechanics of Curiosity". Beyond the advertising slogan, this is Roadbook’s real, and we hope magic, formula. The curiosity of mechanics; the mechanics of curiosity.

Stories, machines, Humans.

Patrick Bika
and publisher of Roadbook

Jorge S. B. Guerreiro
Director of Roadbook Switzerland

To hold on to the emotion,
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